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DUI Is Serious in Atlanta, DUI Defense Lawyer Network

Written by Criminal defense Lawyers on . Posted in Atlanta DUI Defense

If you get arrested for a DUI in the Greater Atlanta area call our DUI Defense 24 hr hotline for an Atlanta DUI lawyer. You will need experienced DUI defense as the penalties are severe. Keep in mind our lawyers are experienced DUI defense lawyers who charge for their services.

What are the penalties?

First Conviction

  • Up to $1,000.00 fine
  • 10 Days to 1 Year in Jail
  • DUI School
  • 40 Hours of Community Service
  • 1 Year Probation
  • 1 Year License Suspension

Second Conviction

  • Up to $1,000.00 Fine
  • 90 Days to 1 Year in Jail
  • DUI School
  • 30 Days of Community Service
  • Mandatory Alcohol Evaluation and/or Treatment
  • Up to 1 Year Probation
  • 3 Year Loss of License
  • Ignition Interlock Device

Third Conviction

  • Fine up To $5,000.00
  • 120 Days to a Year in Jail
  • 30 Days Community Service
  • Alcohol Evaluation and/or Treatment
  • Up to 1 Year Probation
  • 5 Year License Revocation
  • Ignition Interlock Device

Fourth Violation

  • (Habitual Violator)
  • Fine of $5,000.00
  • One to Five Years in State Prison

You had best get an experienced DUI lawyer.

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