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Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Arrest Lawyer

Accused of Domestic Violence or Domestic Battery In Fort Lauderdale?

Get an  expert Fort Lauderdale  domestic violence criminal defense attorney from our local network of qualified domestic violence attorneys.

Domestic Violence Arrests Are A Priority In Fort Lauderdale

Did you know  that each year, dozens  of innocent people are wrongfully arrested and charged with domestic battery in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale law enforcement officials do not take an accusations of domestic violence lightly, and very little evidence is needed in order to place you under arrest in Fort Lauderdale.  As long as an officer sees evidence of an injury and is able to obtain a witness statement, you could be  hauled off and put in jail.

Get An Experienced Domestic Violence Defense

Our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence  local lawyers  understand that this time in your life may be difficult, and the repercussions of a domestic violence charge can extend deep into your relationships, career, and social life. If you are a professional that has been accused your standing in the community and your profession is at risk. When you work with our, experienced  Fort Lauderdale domestic battery attorneys you can be assured that they will actively pursue a favorable outcome to your case and ensure that your rights and freedom is protected.

We have local criminal lawyers for  assault. aggravated assault, battery and aggravated battery, sexual assault and sexual battery, stalking and aggravated stalking, and kidnapping charges  in Fort Lauderdale